Exterior Painting

exterior house paint OMAHA crestwood painting
Careful workmanship and historical colors bring this mid-1910’s Craftsman style home back to it’s former glory.

Painting is the most cost-effective way to transform and beautify your OMAHA home. Choose a house painter with a proven track record, rave online reviews and the business skill to deliver a glitch-free experience.

  • Color change? No problem.
  • Clean, straight lines enhance architectural detail
  • Thorough, methodical prep lasts longest
  • Certified painters mean safe work practices

The Exterior Painting Process:

  • Set up a tidy, out-of-the-way work area
  • Carefully tarp to catch debris
  • Heavily scrape back to a tight surface
  • Wash as needed to remove dirt, nests, etc.
  • Prime bare wood for good adhesion
  • Professional techniques ensure clean lines and no drips
  • Options available to minimize rough surfaces

Cost for Exterior Painting in OMAHA

Many factors come into play here, but the short answer is smaller houses cost less to paint, homes in good condition cost less to paint.

More labor = higher cost = longer lasting

Here’s a short list of factors that affect the price of exterior painting

  • Size
  • Condition
  • Colors – 3 colors costs less than 8

The cost for OMAHA exterior painting runs from $3000 for a simple ranch style home to over $35,000 for long-overdue TLC at a stately Loose Park home. Give us a call – we’re happy to help you compare bids.

Crestwood Painting trains our workers to be efficient, but not fast. We stand by our record of long-lasting results so we’re never the lowest price. If you’re after both Fast and Cheap we’re probably not going to be the best fit.


  • Best in Class, 100% acrylic paint protects longest
  • Sprayed finish means
    • No brush marks
    • Clean lines
    • More consistent coverage

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